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Hey Artist Talk family this a page for you to find resources for various wants, needs, and opportunities! I hope this helps you accomplish a goal and  gives you access to opportunities that you can grow from!


Steel Smiling 

Steel Smiling bridges the gap between Black people and mental health support through education, advocacy and awareness. Our 10 year vision is to connect with every Black person in Allegheny County to a positive mental health experience that improves their quality of life by 2030.

Hope For The Day 

Hope For The Day’s education programming is inspired by lived-experience best practices and endorsed by H.F.T.D.'s clinical advisory board. The goal of our work is to provide tools for early recognition and intervention to disrupt the highest risk factors for mental health crises and suicide. We engage all audiences from adolescents to seniors, and we can engage any community space including, academic, professional, or general populations.

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is the region’s primary arts service organization that provides advocacy, professional resources, research, and grant making to artists and nonprofit organizations in 10 counties within Western Pennsylvania.

We are a membership organization with more than 600 diverse artists and arts organizations of all disciplines. We exist to help our community thrive, and assist artists and arts administrators to grow their skills and art practices.

Dr. Darla Timbo Psy.D., LPC is a professional psychologist, licensed professional counselor, and owner of Atlas Counseling Services located in the East End of Pittsburgh, PA. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of psychology and counseling, including leaderships experience and research. Within Atlas Counseling Services, Dr. Timbo primarily serves underrepresented groups of people, including but not limited to, Black clients, transitional age clients (18-21yo), and clients who are recently released from incarceration. In addition to owning and managing her private practice, Dr. Timbo Currently services as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at Penn West University - California University Campus, where she teaches in the undergraduate psychology program. Dr. Timbo’s research interests include multiculturalism, diversity, Black client’s response to mental health treatment, and client outcomes in counseling settings.

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