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Who Are We

Artist Talk Mental Health Philly Co-Presented by Lightbulb Rentals submissions 

Saturday, April 29th at Lightbulb Rentals 4562 Worth St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

3:00-6PM | Open to all artist of every age| Refreshments provided | Artist Talk is an art and performance event series centered around mental health, curated by Pittsburgh artist Sydney Davis of Niplids and co-hosted by LightBulb Rentals. 

Artist Talk will bring mental health conversations to the forefront with artists from all mediums, including visual artists, photographers, and musicians, coming together to start a conversation around mental health by getting on stage and sharing the stories behind some of their most personal work and performances. 

What will you presenting at Artist Talk Philly look like? It would look like you presenting a piece of art or performing and then talking about your mental health as an artist by answering a few questions from the host and audience. Also here’s a video to watch that can paint the picture a little better for you : ) 

You can register to share and present your art, in this form. DEADLINE TO REGISTER AS A PRESENTING ARTIST IS SUNDAY APRIL 9TH. Six artists will be selected from various mediums (visual, music, prose, dance, film etc.). If selected, you will be contacted by April 10th to make arrangements. Regardless of selection, we encourage all artists to attend and be a part of the conversation! 

The event is meant to be an accessible, inviting and fun way to celebrate art and talk about mental health.

You can find more information about Artist Talk Mental Health through our website, our instagram at @artisttalkmentalhealth, or our YouTube by searching "Artist Talk Mental Health". 

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