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Artist Talk 2 Artist

Artist Talk will bring mental health conversations to the forefront. Artists from all mediums, including visual artists, photographers, and musicians, will come together to start a conversation around mental health by getting on stage and sharing the stories

behind some of their most personal work and performances. 


Gabe McNeal 

Gabe McNeal performed a song called pray. insert lyric and expain what he said about it. talk about the conversation with the audionus. 


La Chea 

owner of no labels brand tells the story behind the brand meaning which is " Love yourself, be yourself, do you stay true". 



Xavier aka art like us presented a photography collage of a series called sacrifice. he spoke about the struggles of being a working artist and reaching peaks that seem high from far be when closer than appeared didn't live up to the money shot 


nami bey

Nami Bey live painter explained the emotions she was going through while the event happened and the meaning behind most of her works.


cam chambers 

Cam cambers performed ooo song and explained the story behind the song which was 


Devon Mitchell

devon mittecll owner of Keith parts furniture presented a custom piece of furniture constructed by him in memory of his past father he tells the story behind trash to something 



owner of No Days Brand tells the story being her original piece of art called the many faces of god and how she later turned it into a clothing brand and shares the art in that way. 

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