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Artist Talk is an art and performance event series centered around mental health for the black community. Artists from all mediums, like visual artists, photographers, musicians, and more, come together to bring mental health conversation to the forefront by sharing stories behind some of their most personal work. Self-care activations and talks led by nonprofit partners get the audience involved and connected to tools and resources to heal, cope, care for, and elevate their mental health. Whether you create art or appreciate art, one thing is for certain – you are art. And you are welcome here.

Artist talk 
mental health 


  • Emma Johnson - Electronic Music Producer

  • griffin wilson - clothing brand founder 

  • jesse council - musician, singer

  • ivory eddins - artist, musician

  • supa' nxc - musicians

  • remy black - artist, Drag Performer

  • emily Armstrong - visual artist

  • Cue Perry will also be live painting during the event


Upcoming events

Artist Talk Workshops

and Events

Our nonprofit partners like Hope For The Day (a movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education) and Steel Smiling (bridging the gap with mental health support through education, advocacy, and awareness) co-host signature mental health events and training with Artist Talk. Stay tuned for our next event.



Art is an expression of our deeper selves, our lives, and our experiences. Art offers a way for us to connect through common themes and normalizes the fact that we all go through different phases of life. Creators need a place to connect on a deeper level with others who share the same lifestyle and experiences they do, and that's the inspiration behind artist talk.


Artist Talk brings vital mental health conversations and resources together with an inviting, fun, and expressive event to celebrate our region’s artists and the human thing that connects us all – our mental health. Artist Talk is a safe, nurturing space for all artists and guests to experience something focused on togetherness through mental health. 


As artists ourselves, we understand the constant pressures that are unique to being a creator. We`ve experienced these pressures and have heard firsthand from others that, especially through the pandemic, artists’ mental health has taken a toll. Long hours and isolation are only some of the challenges plaguing artists as we strive to create while taking care of ourselves and making a living. Our mental health challenges can make it harder to lead fulfilling lives and impact the world around us.

“But I’m not an artist…”


Art is an expression of our deeper selves, our lives, and our experiences. It’s our stories and the things that make us human. Art offers a way for us to connect through common themes and normalizes the fact that we all go through different phases of life. 


Know what that means? Not only are you an artist… but you are art.


And you deserve to thrive, too. 


Our guests have the chance to build connections with people just like them while enjoying art, food, and drinks, and getting access to resources without feeling any pressure or stress that might come from not knowing where to turn.




“Truly beautiful.” - Artist Talk Guest

“I didn’t even know I needed what Artist Talk was until I went” - Artist Talk Guest


A gentle conversation around very serious mental health concerns in the everyday lives of creators and their peers hasn’t taken the spotlight in our region until now. 


With Artist Talk, we aim to:


  • Normalize having honest conversations about mental health and knowing when to ask for help

  • Provide an accessible, fun, and welcoming avenue for artists to gather and walk away with real resources to improve everyday life

  • Build a community of like-minded individuals and reverberate change throughout the greater community, improving


Through our nonprofit partnerships, we’re also able to (discreetly and confidentially) get attendees connected to real mental health resources on the spot.


Since its founding, Artist Talk has:


  • Given a platform to dozens of Pittsburgh artists ready to share vulnerably, inspiring others to do the same


  • Welcomed over 200 guests between our two events into a safe creative space, sparking friendships, collaborations, and celebrations


  • Connected at least 5 of our neighbors with therapists and mental health support at or immediately following the event


  • Raised money for our nonprofit beneficiaries, expanding not only our impact but the impact of other organizations doing incredible things for Pittsburgh.


Are you ready to join us and experience what Artist Talk is all about?


We can’t wait to see you!




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